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diff lock flashing



The diff can be locked; its just the Diff ECU is not getting the proper
signal back to let it know its locked (and hence turn the flashing to
I've had the problem in the past with my rear. It turned out to be
loose/improper connections on the pressure switch (I had actually broken the
plastic end of the switch and didn't notice with all the mud on it). Managed
to take it apart, re-solder new connections, re-epoxy and fixed.
However once in awhile (while raining which doesn't happen too often here) I
get get my diffs locked light fading in and out (short on connectors so need
to put some di-electric grease and rewrap). Thats driving normally without
any diffs turned on at all - highway speeds :)
There is also a totally manual way to engage and unengage the diff locks
(without using the switch) but requires a bit of fiddling underneath. I've
had that on occasion when my rear wouldn't disengage. Basically u simulate
being the switch :)
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I noticed a strange thing with my locker switch/light. With the
vehicle on stands I checked operation of the cetre diff and lockers
and they seem fine. However, the dashboard light for the front locker
keeps blinking, even if the locker is engaged? Rather unusual ....
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80