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diff seal issue



Hi Guys
I had a leaking rear seal which let diff oil onto the wheel for a few
I had a guy fix it yesterday but have a question or two.
I supplied a seal that I bought in Toyota, very small and flimsy cost 6 euro
Had some inner and outer bearings so gave them to the mechanic as well just
in case, because it was making a noise.
He only used the outer bearings and the seal, so he did not take the half
shaft out.
Would I be right in thinking that if he used the seal which Toyota said was
the only one yet did not go in far enough to get at the inner bearings that
there must be another seal further in on the half shaft.
Would I be right to think that its this seal that Toyota says does not exist
that is responsible for keeping the diff oil in where it should be.
Could someone give me an idea of where this seal is if I'm right and if I'm
wrong I'm wrong.
It just seems that if the diff oil is coming out, the seal must be behind
the inner bearings somewhere and not the seal that he replaced.
john 92HDJ801HDT
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Thanks Jon
At least there is only the one flimsy seal and if he replaced the outer
bearings and repacked the inner ones that should be that.
Its just there is a noise.
Would the bearings make a noticeable noise at all speeds like a whine.
john 92HDJ80 1HDT
European Land Cruiser Owners Mailing List
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Hi Jon
Diff oil is perfect checked all the time, as you say if your leaking some
oil it needs topping up and even checked after the mechanic just to be sure.
Just a thought but the handbrake has not worked since Lincomb farm something
to do with getting stuck a few times in the water trench.
john 92HDJ80 !HDT
European Land Cruiser Owners Mailing List
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