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difference between cruisers - diesel technology



I drove one of the new D4D Colorados last year and was really
impressed by the improved economy over the earlier car.
I believe the reliability issues were related to cracking cylinder
heads. As for the ECU, my carby FJ62 beats that easily.....
There's some amazing diesels around these days. I drove an Audi A8
3.3 TDi and was blown away by the torque. In real-world driving it
was a bloody quick car! Just in case anyone hasn't been taking
notice in recent years, Audi won Le Mans with a TDi outright last
year and they're doing the business in American Le Mans again in '07:
I guess the main problem will be waiting for the aftermarket
independent workshops to gear up for the new technology and bring
down the workshop prices to something manageable - =A3300 per inject
isn't even remotely funny.
Neill Watson
On 18 Apr 2007, at 21:00, Clive Marks wrote:
> The colorado had at least two engines. I had a 2002 one with the
> D-4D engine and it was a flier. The earlier one not so much but still
> good. Your answer lies in the fact that it is a more modern engine
> design. There is usually a trade of and I did hear rumours of
> reliability issues with the colorado when pushed. I also heard, in
> Iceland, that the injectors in the later engines do not like modern
> diesel and have to be replaced. They were rumoured to be close on =A3300> each. I found out that the central computer would cost =A37,000 if I
> needed a new one.
> All this is one of the 80's strengths, it is probably the last
> cruiser that you can go at with normal tools and knowledge. Break down
> with an 80 and you are in with a chance. This chance diminishes as the
> models get newer.
> Regards,
> Clive Marks