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Diode pack thingy


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Mar 2, 2010
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Hey all, having a couple of niggles with ol' Rex... (well it had to happen some time)

Earlier in the year I found the batteries were overcharging, and then draining uber fast when parked up. It started after I steam cleaned the engine bay after the Christmas laning last year. I think it was Chris who said the diode pack on the alternator was probably shorting out. I went for a few days keeping the lights and fans on when driving and disconnecting a battery when parked up until I could have a proper look at it, when it miraculously cured itself! I guessed that water had ingressed into the diode pack from the steam cleaning but that it had then dried out and the short had disappeared.

Yesterday the problem reared its ugly head again. This time I haven't been anywhere near it with the steam cleaner, and the closest the alt got to water recently was the big muddy puddle on Happy Valley at the weekend. There's no mud around it so I'm guessing this time it's given up the ghost :roll:

My question is, is it easy enough to change the diode pack or should I just change the whole alt? If the former, where will I find one; and if the latter, can I upgrade it while I'm at it?

Cheers in advance,
Doh, sorry to hear the problem has re-appeared Jim. And that's about as far as my assistance can go for now... :oops:
Hmm, seems I may have asked too much of the font of knowledge that is ELCO :|

I'll get onto looking for alternators then methinks, hopefully I can fool a local mechanic to fit it cheap for me as it looks a bastard to do!
Sorry Jim but I've always just replaced the whole alternator so I can't help with your question but I though someone would know :o
Thanks for that Andy, you might have saved me £100 :thumbup:
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Jimbo4x4 said:
I'll get onto looking for alternators then methinks, hopefully I can fool a local mechanic to fit it cheap for me as it looks a bastard to do!

Anyone ever wish they'd bought a green oval instead? :roll:
Spent an hour removing the airbox, the air con pump and a couple of cradles, using three different comprehensive tool kits to find I need to disassemble the alternator/vacuum pump to be able to remove it :doh: I got hungry by that point so I'll carry on tomorrow
Jimbo4x4 said:
Anyone ever wish they'd bought a green oval instead?
Wash your mouth out with soap & gerrit sorted you slacker!!! ;)

Gis a call if you need a hand Jim - or just someone to chug a beer down & pass you the tools... :whistle:
All the die hard LR owners say that 'cruisers are a pain in the arse to work on and parts are expensive. That's why they stick to the green oval as everything's a doddle and cheap, even if they do need to get their palms dirty 100000000000000000000000000000 (+ lots more 0's) times more often.

Thanks for the offer of a beer holder and gopher Gav, it appears we're in the midst of a hurricane at the mo though so no work tonight methinks. Might give you a bell tomorrow if this job takes much more swearing at ;)
Finally got the bar steward off, took another half an hour but managed it in the end :)

andyw said:
It's easy enough to change the parts yourself, problem is finding them, but I did one on my surf the other month and it used one similar to this ... 3a5dc5425b , also had to get a regulater and brush box.

Andy, did you buy from this seller? can you vouch for the parts you got and have they worked ok for you? Just found the same kit but to suit my alternator from the same guy. Thanks in advance

Jim. Dont know if Rex is set up the same but thought I would let you know just in case. A friend of mine has a Surf 105 pick up and his alternator packed up and all the lights on his dash wuold not go out and a buzzer kept going off. So we fitted a new alternator from Milners and all seemed well. However it is now doing the same again and has cooked a battery. After a lot aff checking and looking around, we found that all the Surfs ( his is a 1993 model) have a seperate regulator built into the charging system to fine tune the charge at higher revs. As Rex is around the smae time as his, try looking under the fuse box for a black box bolted to the inner wing about 3inches square with 5 or 6 wires coming out of it . His has toyota regulator written on it . Since we have replaced this box all is backed to normal. Sorry I haven't been able to reply before tonight but have been working away most days and round trying to sort the pick up. HTH
Hmmm, thanks for the reply Steve, I'll look into it
I got the brush holder from ebay, and the other bits from seperate companies, but not from that supplier, and I dont have the invoices to hand as the accountant has them at the moment.
I've been set back with a few other things but should be re-building under my bonnet tomorrow evening all being well, let's hope I can remember where everything went!

Jim. :think:
Stupid me, the one thing I should've done before starting any of this is disconnect the plug on the back of the alt' and see if the battery was still discharging........ because it is still discharging :doh: :doh: :doh: :roll:

Looks like Steve H made the right call on this one, but at least it looks an easy enough job now..