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Donaldson xlc200k air intake installation


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Jun 19, 2023
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Hello guys

After doing tons of reading on the internet, i came up with the decision to remove my factory air intake and install the donaldson xlc200k and the reason is i live in a country where we get alot of sand and dust and the factory air intake has been proved in many cases to bypass fine sand particles which lead to engines being dusted.

I did not want to risk that happening to my engine it already had 60,000km when i purchased it so i thought it would be an upgrade that i wont regret at all.

Installation was fairly easy with the instructions in the box it took me 1 hour and all the tools needed where a ratchet spanner & extension with 10mm and 13mm sockets and a 3mm hex key.

I did not feel a big difference but again in satisfied as my aim was directed more towards engine safety and not engine performance.

Attached are pictures of the donaldson box next to my car and my other beloved 84’ 40 and also my engine bay before and after installation and i promise next my engine will be cleaner :)


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I saw a video on the tube the other day, apparently the 300 series are suffering from dusting as well, no changes to the airbox design from Mr T.