Door check strap hits window runner causing a clunk noise.

Mad Miff

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I am in england
Oct 25, 2015
Bury St Edmunds

Following on from my annoying vibration fix, my next job is to resolve the issue of the door check strap catching on the window runner inside the door and also being clipped by the bottom edge of the window as it goes down.

It would appear from some internet searching that this is a common problem and the reason for it is as follows. As new, the check strap is curved and as it feeds back into the door, this curve allows it to clear the window runner and tuck out of the way of the bottom edge of the window.

However if the door is flung open, either in rage, gravity while parked facing down hill or by being caught in the wind, the check strap can be stretch/straightened by the force.
Once it has lost its curved shape it will rub past the window runner as the door closes but when the door is reopened, it will catch on the sharper edge of the runner and the rubber bloke will start to be destroyed.

As this continues over time, the check strap will be left in line with the bottom edge of the window glass which will result in a worrying clunk as the window goes down.
Then if you are really unlucky, the glass could break or like me you could end up with a broken strap.

I have been thinking of how to resolve this issue and in a moment of inspiration I had a vision, so today I hope to impliment that vision and if sucessful, I will gladly be posting the full write up together with pictures.

But to encourage me further, it would be great to know how many other owners have experienced this door check strap clipping the window runner and getting a clunk as the window goes down.

Thank you.


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I am in romania
May 23, 2012
Comarnic, Romania
A similar experience on my 80 series, but for very different reasons.

The door was open and forced beyond the extent of the check strap by a pesky tree that stubbornly refused to get out of the way of my driverless truck which was rolling backwards down a hill at the time (don't ask, it's easier that way...:?).

So, result was a door with a big vertical "V" dent in it from the wing edge, a door pillar with the hinge mountings pulled out of alignment by about 2mm and of course a broken check strap.

Got the truck into a friendly "we can fix anything" body shop (and they can!) they re-shaped the hinge mountings on the door pillar and they brought the door skin back to shape as if by magic, there's a smidgen of filler on it but its microns thick, I really don't know how they do these things to panels, it just amazes me.

Got myself a new check strap at great expense from Mr T and fitted it.

Then, every time I opened and closed the door, there was a clunk 3/4 of the way through the movement. Took the door card off and peered in whilst opening, and the check strap end was just catching the window frame runner by 1mm or less. Easy I thought, I'll just ease the window frame away from the check strap with a bar, just enough to create a 1mm clearance, won't take a mo...

"SNAP" the spot weld holding the window frame to the door shell popped. Bugger. So I made a clip, screwed one end to the door shell and the other end simply locates the window frame in a position clear of the check strap. The clip isn't fixed to the frame but it could be if you have a welder (which I don't).

That's my story, no rattles and no catching and the window and the check strap both work fine and are friends again. Admittedly it's a bodge, but it works.

Make of that what you will.
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Rob Cowell

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I am in wales
Nov 15, 2011
Well I found a thread on Pradopoint suggesting the issue is not the check-strap bending but the door frame / skin being pulled out of shape. The fix being a small block of wood above and below the strap and push the door towards closed to bend the frame / skin back to its original position. Well, I still get a bit of a click / rub on opening the door fully, but the window now winds down without catching on anything which is what I wanted to achieve. No more the worry of the window breaking whenever I need to exit a car-park.
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