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Driving in GB



Michael wrote...
I was just wondering if any alterations has to be made to my LC (Left
hand drive, I'm from denmark) when I go' for a drive en GB .. I'm mostly
thinking about the headlights?
Michael, I drive my LHD 80 a lot in the UK as well as the continent.
Yes, you need the lamp filters/blanks, call them what you will. You
can buy them on the ferry you travel over on. For fitting you just
follow the instructions which will show you against which lines
moulded in the lens you place them.
I don't know about JB's lamps as they sound quite good, but maybe he
has better lights than me. I have 4 separate rectangular lamps which
I think are inferior to the twin lamps in a composite enclosure. I
have filters on the outside pair (the inner lamps are main beam only)
and they eliminate a large amount of light on dip beam. It may be
against the letter of the law but a couple of spots aimed low and
along the kerb will make-up for the poor dip beam. (Surprisingly a
LHD car will legally pass the UK ministry of transport technical test
with these filters fitted!)
As for a speed reminder, just use a felt pen to write it in the top
corner of the windscreen.
30mph - 48k
40 mph - 64k
50 mph - 80k
60 mph - 96k (the maximum speed for all roads without a central
reservation/island/strip of land separating both traffic directions.
70 mph - 112k (the maximum official speed in the UK, though plenty
will pass you at 80+)
More important is to be careful on 2 way roads especially in
villages and towns where there is traffic like trucks, large vans and
buses parked on the side. Unless you have a reliable passenger who is
either a driver or is used to guessing traffic distance, you must
stop well before the obstruction to allow yourself an adequate field
of view to get round it. This is when you realise how wide the 80 is,
and its not easy to lean over to the right to look through the screen
to see what is coming on the other side of the road. Its the same for
those with a RHD travelling on the continent of course. At one time
in the UK we could buy a small mirror that mounted on the other side
of the dash below the screen to see ahead, but not seen them
advertised in the UK for a while.
Enjoy the trip.
Linslade, Beds
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus - nice to see JB is writing to the list again !


Hey Jon
I know its a bitch when you get stuck behind a tractor/truck/ etc when
I have on many occassions just had to be content with going slower for a few
The wife does not drive and as you say the non drivers perception of driving
and overtaking can be quite different than the driver.
Very good advice to hang back to get more vision in order to overtake.
I dont know how many times I tried to overtake in France and its like a
curse, you wait and wait and just when you go to pull out with you passenger
side exposed a truck appears only to settle you back to going slow again.
So michael take care and if its your first time also remember the difference
about the roundabouts and especially the direction to look for traffic when
approacing a main road or cross roads.
john 92 hdj 80 1HDT