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Roman - thanks for the link. I found my way to the eibach / bilstein combinations. I see 3 options, I assume you went for the first ?
Spring rates are upped for the rear only the latter and shocks for the second are remote reservoir.
I assume the final price includes taxes but plus delivery ?
How long did yours take to arrive ?
Any particular reason why you prefer these to Old Man Emu ?
Incidentally does Maarteen do these kits ?
Thanks Gareth.
On 3/3/06, Gareth Jones <[Email address removed]> wrote:
binations. I see 3
options, I assume you went for the first ?
I went for the heavy duty springs (EUROFAC 31 372 ar. renforc=E9 +) and
remote reservoires ("bonbons"). They are OK for usual loads but still
a bit too soft for me.
cond are remote reservoir.
That's right, the weight of the front is more or less stable, only the
back will change with load/fuel on board.
I'm not sure, you may need to clarify this with Eurofac.
I had them ordered for me while in France. It probably took two - three days.
I already heard about this combination some time ago. Most of the
French and Spanish landrcuisers I've seen en route had them - so why
swim against the tide? They have been well tested in pretty awful
conditions so they can be trusted. And they are not bloody expensive
like Ohlin or those esoteric designer creations, all claiming Paris
Dakar pedigree to justify the price.
OME is more of a lifestyle item, I guess.
I am not sure. He may well do.
Speaking of which, I may be selling the springs soon. Nothing wrong
with them - just a bit too soft for me. I am still pondering if I
should go the route of keeping the Eibachs and using air bag helper
springs, replacing them alltogether or rearranging the distribution of
weight in my landcruiser (in which case you may want to watch ebay for
plenty of great kit for sale)
So, if you are interested (one careful owner, used to drive across
France only) ...
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
Don't suppose you could explain what you mean by the comment below.../
Also soft springs can often be a euphemism for too much weight.
I'm not saying that OME are the best but certainly as far as shocks go, I
consider them to be consumables...
additional fuel tank.
On 3/3/06 21:33, "Roman" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Mob: 07831 458 793
Sorry... Forgot to comment on your comment below Roman. Not sure myself that
this constitutes an endorsement.
So many times in so many walks of life, swimming against the tide is
actually the way to go. I expect the French and Spanish choice is down to
what they can get at a price. I have OME springs and shocks and I did many
more ks than you (admittedly over 3 months) and they are still in excellent
condition. I don't have a LRFT hanging at the back - wish I did - and was
obsessive about keeping weight down at least until we were in Spain on the
return when we stocked up with many cases of Rioja from Muga.
I actually don't want to keep messing with my car any more than is
necessary for me to be able to do these trips. I can't afford for it for a
start and my car as it stands will pretty well get me most places.
So many of the French, Spanish and Italian cars I saw in Africa were
seriously overdressed - and no better for it. We travelled solo but on the
occasi0ns that we did meet up with people, we were amazed by the excess
baggage - both personal and on the cars.
On 3/3/06 21:33, "Roman" <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones
Mob: 07831 458 793
On 3/4/06, Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Why? I suppose I could try...
Yes, that's for one, and also for the distribution of eight
I don't think OME are bad, but not particularly better or worse than
stock Toyota shocks. Actually, I did part of my trip on Toyota shocks
and althought there was a bit of a stability issue when they got hot,
they worked well, too. This is why changing one good thing for another
is for me a matter of personal choice rather than improvement.
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
On 3/4/06, Jeremy Llewellyn-Jones <[Email address removed]> wrote:
Jeremy, you're an artist and visionair, I'm just a humble soul who
follows the leader . When a guy who runs Sahara trips four times a
year suggests a solution, who am I to question his wisdom?
I expect the French and Spanish choice is down to
Surely there's an element of tribal culture in it, but I don't suppose
no-one in this business can be unfamiliar with OME, especially that in
Europe they are sold by Taubenreuther at roughly the same price in all
There's no reason why they shouldn't - see my comments above.
As I have and am going to keep it, I am now considering options how to
improve weight distribution in other areas.
[Enter Bart Simpson] Mmmmmmmm.... Rioja!
Roman (London, UK)
'92 HDJ80
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Roman, Jeremy,
I did a bit more digging on the weekend. I found the standard Bilstein shocks available locally, Peter Lloyd Rallying in Bridgend, at =A390 each, compared to =A385 from the French supplier.
Now I realise that you have used the remote reservoir units I will check the price.
I have used Bilstien on a Range Rover - very good shocks.
Thanks Gareth.
Roman, yes I may well be interested in the springs.
How much and when are you thinking of changing them ?
Thanks Gareth.