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End play on injection pump pulley


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Apr 6, 2010
I'm putting the truck back together after having the IP serviced! When I took the IP into the specialist, I specifically asked whether the bearing on the internal were ok! After assembling the pump and fitting the timing belt pulley, I noticed again some end play... This is in and out rather than in it's rotation. Can somebody put my mind at rest (or otherwise), before I go any further? I would estimate that the movement in and out is between 0.5mm - 1mm although I've not tried to measure it.

The main reason for my paranoia is that when removing the pump, I removed the pulley, and the four bolts around the pump along with the two bolts on the stay and forgot the bottom stay. I then used a pushing tool to try to drive the pump out. The pump moved a few mm before I realised what I had done! :oops: