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Injection pump removal


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Mar 7, 2010
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I am in the process of removing my injection pump to have it refurbed, it’s a 12 valve 1HDT.
all undone & moves back & forth about 5mm , the ‘mounting flange’ that holds the pulley on the front, ( the flange about 2" diameter,with the locating pin in it ) just won’t seem to budge.

it’s all as in the FSM, with the 8mm puller bolts and a screw down puller bolt in the middle and is really flipping tight on there, using an 18” breaker bar on the middle bolt to try to get it to separate and am worried about pulling the 8mm ‘holding bolts’ out of the flange, it’s that f……in tight!
have tried freeze spray on the shaft as well

has any one else had issues like this or shall I just keep on winding the middle bolt in & hope?

any suggestions / experiences welcome


If you can use 10.9 or 12.9 8mm bolts.....
Sometimes hitting the gear with a brass drift can help shock it off .
They tend to go with a "crack" when they go.....
Thanks Grimbo
Thought about the stronger bolts, will try and get some tomorrow, have already tried whacking it with a brass drift & copper hammer, was expecting it to go with a crack!
To apply the pressure needed, if you don't have decent hardened bolts, they will strip out of the gear. I have been lucky and theu eventually come free. I was told by one mechanic that he had to use a grinder after heat failed, very carefully he made a shallow cut near near the shaft, put the puller back on, finally the gear failed freeing it from the shaft. Pack in cloth with grease whever you can....all those iron filings! :astonished:


Thanks for the advice, got some 12.9 bolts & its out!

the problem seemed to be the standard (8.8?) bolts were bending & taking he ooomph out of the pulling force if you get what I mean.
itcame out quite easily with a nice crack.

now to get it sent off & looked at with the injectors while I’m waiting for my new Gturbo to arrive, turbos already off, so think I’ll do the cam belt & water pump tomorrow

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Yes Tim, he said he can mod to suit when I spoke with him, and I thought might as well get it done.
any more news on the turbo delivery?