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Phil wrote...
hi there can any one help ive got a 1988 l j 70 with a 1990/91 engine in it
they say its an import. the trouble im having is getting a down pipe to fit,
it catches on the steering knuckle linkage. i also have another 1988 l j 70
with original engine and the difference is the turbo points strait down were
as the newer one comes off at an angle resulting in it fouling up with the
steering. ive tried toyota and verious moto factors all slitly different but
all catch the rest of the exhaust went on ok just the down pipe.
pleas any help
Phil, I am a bit confused about the engine swap but assume that it is
an engine designed for your chassis in one of the many TLC variants
around the world. Its just that its from a later model. Correct - yes?
You appear to have acquired some pipes but they are all the wrong
fit. But may I ask if you can specifically identify your model,
particularly the catalog number and 'modification code' ? If you
can do that, then any Toy dealer will be able to locate the correct
part for you. I, like you, suffer from Toy dealers who only tell you
what they know, so you have to start with them from the beginning and
be ahead of the game. Then you can help them identify your truck and
then the correct parts required.
So if you have not done so already, go to this site and enter what
numbers you know about your truck -
It will respond with all the references that you do not have to hand.
You will then know exactly what you have. I am sure when you take the
truck to the dealer he sniffs and says 'well its an import guvnor and
we don't know all the variations available'. So you get yourself
equipped with the information he does not know.
Go at a quiet time of the day and humour the parts man, even buy him
a coffee from the machine in reception. Then gently start to tell him
what you know about your truck's ID. He will not be aware that he has
various 'catalog areas' within his parts system. He has the software
set-up to default to the 'European area catalog'. He may also know
about the 'Japanese area catalog' as he has to get parts for some of
the many Jap imports.
In my case they don't know the 'general area catlog' in which my
truck is referenced under catalog number 791340 (military spec,
troopie doors, LHD, ruggedized 1HZ engine, basic trim, no goodies,
special UN order). So after some gentle persuasion you will take him
into a whole new world of parts information, which, had he known
about before, he could have used to help other poor souls with odd
imported trucks.
I would hope that from this start you will be able to correctly
identify the correct pipe. Toy dealers have excellent service from
the company who stockpile parts in Rotterdam and Ljubljana for all
model variants - as long as they can identify the correct part number !
On the other hand, if you know all this then I am sorry to have
wasted your time !
'92 HZJ80 ex UN Bosnia surplus