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Gav Peter

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Mar 1, 2010
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Did anyone watch the Chinese Grand Prix this morning??? If I were Bernie Shortasre (sp.), I'd make 'em race in a skid pan like that week in week out - that was as entertaining as its ever going to get :lol: :cool:
Best race in ages :D Don't remember last time I wasn't able to leave the TV for 2 minutes without coming back to a change of order. All these rule changes they keep bringing in to try and make it exciting to watch and all that was needed is a changing amount of water on the track.
Rain and the kamikazes from the new teams are about the only thing that shake things up. I thought Hamilton got a huge amount of leeway from the stewards today for quite a few very dodgy moves. Not a Button fan but glad to see him prevent Hamilton from taking an undeserved win :mrgreen:
Have to agree it was one of the better races in the past few years!
Was there formula 1 on today? Used to be a fan but got bored!
With you there Jon. But I tend to keep an eye out for the ones where they say its going to rain ;-) It was good viewing today...
I must admit, I have gone 'off the boil' as far as F1 id bothered.
However, I was able to watch it, and to be honest, I thought it was just going to be a 'follow the leader' sort of race.........
Until the rain came down

he he he

Now, here for some good ideas,

Why not have built in overhead water pipes, convienently positioned at various places on the track,
Some thing like ,, artificial rain

That was very entertaining to see the rain play havock with all the well laid plans and stratergies.

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