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Few minor "problems"?


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May 3, 2023
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Hey fellow cruisers.

Recently i got my first land cruiser, the 90 with 3.0td 1kz-te engine.
Loving it so far alltho i have a few questions hoping you experienced guys could answer.

1: engine not going up to normal operating temperature.
When driving for no matter how long on normal roads the coolant temperature barely goes over the minimum. When going highway speeds it goes to the middle about +-90° and stays there. And as soon as i leave the highway it immediately drops again. Also takes ages for the car to warm up a bit. Could this be a faulty thermostat? Or maybe the viscious fan? I tested the fan by turning it and it seemed to work properly.

2: i went off roading for the first time and it sounded like the v-belt was slipping, making a wierd noise when the car was bouncing up and down and going into higher rpms. Also sounds like the airco's pump poulie is squeeking. But this is when driving normally aswell. Anything to worry about here?

3. I seem to be getting really bad fuel consumption if i compare to what i find from other people with the same car/engine.
I get about 600km on a full tank. Also the fuel gauge is at its last section when still having 30 liters in the tank.
Faulty fuel gauge or normal in this car and need to get used to? Could the bad fuel consumption be a cause of the car not being on optimal temperature?

4. Last question
Are these actual "skidplates"? Did they come standard or are these aftermarket? There one in the front,middle and back of the car.

Attached pictures of the skidplates and the temperature gauge of where it sits when driving.

If you have read this far thanks alot.
Hopefully you guys could answer some of these.

Ps, car is from 99 and has 220k km's on the clock.


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All sounds about normal to me , temperature gauge is very basic on or off but if the truck is new to you then you would be well advised to give the cooling system some attention , removing the radiator for a clean and changing the thermostat costs little .#

Not sure about the v-belt slipping . Its a permanent 4wd but wheels will slip independent of one another unless you lock diffs so perhaps thats what your hearing ?

They have a huge reserve once the fuel light comes on , i might have managed another 100 miles on a motorway though i aged 100 years doing it so again sounds normal .

Your skid plates are factory Toyota from new .
Hi Shayne.

First of all thanks for ur answers.

As far as the slipping/squeeking noise i was 100% sure it came from the engine bay area. So probably gonna have get it checked.

I will definitley change the thermostat.
With cleaning the radiator do you mean just the outside? Remove all the flies and dirt and such or do you mean flush.
If its a flush is there anything do i need to watch out for? Whats the best way to do it, remove it and let water run through and let it dry for a bit?

Would you consider the factory skid plates good enough for going off roading once in a while?

And i havent really tried pushing it as far as you say into the reserve maybe i do will get another 1/200km out of the tank who knows haha.

Anyways thanks
My radiator looked good and i made efforts to keep it clean but when i got around to removing it from the truck altogether i was shocked at the mat of muck that had collected between it and the a/c condenser .

If yours is an auto the radiator also cools gearbox oil and they have a tendency to rot internally allowing oil and coolant to mix .

I've done some pretty extreme off roading with just those same plates and i honestly think to replace them with fancy aftermarket stuff is just a waste of money .
Ok, i will remove it and give it a good clean. Dont want that horror story of a cracking head
I do have a manual and not an auto.

As far as the skidplates go they do look and feel very solid. Since there are so many aftermarket ones i thought maybe the original ones arent as good. But u made that clear for me that they are! So ill be keeping those.

Thanks for ur time man
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