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fitting a 100 series rear locker actuator to an 80

Jon Wildsmith

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Feb 24, 2010
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Not sure how useful this is ... Needed to replace the rear locker actuator on my 80 and had a brand new 100 series one to hand. They're almost the same - the 100 series one has an extra bash plate stud, different breather location, and different electrical connector. Only the electrical connector difference matters. The wires and pins are the same, so I removed the electrical connector shell from the old 80 one and moved the 100 series pins into it. Bit of a fiddle to get the pins out.


100 series connector:

80 series connector:

100 series part number:
Great information, as parts are becoming more rare along with some outrageous prices (new and second hand),
this is a good find, many thanks Jon.


This is useful to know Jon as I've still got the one you got me years ago on the shelf too. as I remember it was a fraction of the new price then. I might put it on the 80 and save the one off the 80 ( which works) for the 100 if I ever get it out of the barn.
This fix is similar to fitting a front 80 locker into the rear axle of a 90 series with just 2 wires to change round in the plug, which I did with the D4D Collie.
Nope, kept all the smoke in Frank :)

The 80 connector is a single piece. You slide a thin pin into the slot by each pin to release them. Don't force the tool in too hard or the plastic that holds the pin might get damaged and won't hold the new pin you insert.

The 100 connector is 2 piece - pull the centre out first as it locks the pin retainers in place. Then same procedure - slide a tool into the slot by each pin to push the plastic retainer back out of the way.
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I think there is that a procedure in the WSM. Did that with the alternator plug to clean as a precaution.
Are 100 series locker motors less prone to seizing ? Did they improve them in any way ?
Maybe the way to go for 80 series owners
Don't think they are Graham, but they may be available for longer.