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FJ40 in UK and help with parts etc.



I'm in Colorado (Irishman via Scotland!) and I see loads over here.
Contact some of the many clubs on the net and just ask for help on their
forums. Many would love to talk with some of your calibre and away in a
foreign country :)
Checkout the club here (several FJ80 owners like me) as they have plenty of
40 owners and I'm sure they'd help out. I can help (from here) if u need to
buy parts (deliver to me :) and try and get them sent over to the UK.
Have some 'travellers' that go back n forth across the pond and Julian/80
boys just got a delivery :)
Other option is to search locally within the UK and IRL
Here's yahoo search for UK and includes a FJ40.ul club
eb-t&cop=mss&tabditto for Ireland and more chance of getting stuff there (via Japan)
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Steve wrote:
<Should I assume that no-one out there knows the answers to my questions?>
Very difficult to answer, Steve. I'd guess that's the reason for the
deafening silence :)
<I will try just once more, I would really like know roughly how many FJ40's
are in the UK, surely I'm not the only owner? If no one knows, might anyone
know how I might find out?>
You're almost certainly not alone. There was a guy advertising some in 4x4
magazine from New Zealand - they were HJ40's (diesel)and you see the odd one
advertised in the specialist press now and then. I bet not even Toyota or
the DVLA know the answer.
<Most parts issues seem to be solvable using US parts specialists, heater
looks like being impossible with Toyota parts.>
The USA is the best place, including the TLC owners club. Their forum is
Yahoo based and a little 'yahoo' in some of the postings, if you get my
drift, but there's a lot of 40 series people on it - they put big block
Chevys in them.
<I would still like to know about fitting power steering if anyone has any
wise words or experience of such, please let me know.>
Again, I'd try the US of A. With a big block Chevy in the nose, it's certain
to need power steering!
Regarding parts, there was a guy in France allegedly starting GRP body panel
production. I'll rummage through my old emails and see if I can find the
Tell us a bit more about yours - is it standard, or modified?
If ever there was an answer to the earlier posting here about the argument
of LR vs Toyota, yours is a good example....
Best regards
Neill Watson