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Following on from getting down Mt. Tai to the Massage place


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Mar 22, 2010
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Well, this is a continuation from the Mount Tai post.

So we eventually arrived back down where we started from, in Tai’an city, outside the bus stop, with the train station just behind us.
So any way, Fay turns to me and says, ‘’ how are your legs ?’’
I say, ‘’just a little aching, not too bad.’’
Then asks ‘’would I like to go to a Chinese Spa ?’’

At this point, I will ask, ‘Has any one ever been to a real Spa ?

She had told me about these before, so I thought, heck, why not, we have some hours to kill.
So she asked a local person, where the good spa is in Tia’an.
The girl said to her that she is going the same way, so we all got on the bus number 9, to the Spa.





Any way, for the ‘uninitiated’ the Chinese Spa is quite a wonderful place, and we should very much adopt them more in England.

Right, here we go, I could not take pictures, infact, we were asked not to even take pictures in the front lobby, but Fay sneaked a few quick ones.

So men to the left, and girls to the right of the front desk,
Inside there is a large communal change area, where you are undressed naked, by a man, and he puts a pair of slippers on you, he folds all your clothes and puts them in a locker, and gives you the key.
I was beckoned to follow this guy, to the wash showers, where you just get rinced off.
Then he took me to the washing / scrub tables.
The table is prepared with a new piece of plastic covering, and I was told to lie down face up.
The guy then knocks on this other door, and out comes this big Chinese man.
God, here is me naked for the world, and this guy as big as a house comes in, with a big smile on his face. Jesus, I could be in trouble here I think to my self.
Oh my god,
Any way, he soapes me up, and starts to scrub all the dead skin off, ok, not bad I thought, just let him get on with it.
Arms, chest, stomach, then he lifts my C**** out the way, and does all around my B**** and A***
Oh F**** this is getting to intimate I think,
So he carry’s on, and does my legs.
Then he asks me to turn over,
Now I really do feel venerable, as I cant see him any more.
He starts with my neck, does my shoulders, which really did feel good, to be honest, then he carries on done to my back.
Oh my god, then he pulls my legs apart, and scrubs my A*** again, I could feel my A*** clenching, but any way, we are all men, or so I hoped.
Then he did my back of my legs, man that felt like heaven, and was the high light to now.
Then he gets the shampoo, and washes my hair, that ok,
Then he sits me up, and lathers my face for a shave, that ok, that was good.
So after what felt like eternity, I was washed off, and taken to the showers’ again for a rinse off.

I got dried, and was given a 2 piece gown; actually it is very loose fitting shorts, and a very loose fitting top.
I had arranged to meet Fay, in the upstairs rest area.
So up I go’s
I waited just a few minutes, and Fay arrives, dressed in just the same an me,
Yeah, very loose fitting, just so sexy.

So we go to the big relaxing chairs, all like beds almost, and these two young girls come over to us, and ask if we want our legs massaged.
Well Fay says immediately ‘YES’
What a girl I say to myself. YEAH !!!!!!!!
So each girl gets positioned at our feet, and lies us back to be comfortable.
Now let me set the scene, it is low light, soft music, and very pretty girls, wearing light green / blue short tartan skirts, I could almost look where I shouldn’t be looking.
Fay asked the girls how old they were, mine was 23, and her girl was 21.
Oh my god, I could just hope I wasn’t going to get aroused, especially with these loose fitting shorts, they would defiantly give the game away.
Any way, first the feet got a good oiling, and massaging, no problem, I was keeping myself in control,
Great I thought, I will not embarrass me here.
So about 15 minutes on each foot, then she lifts my leg right up, and sits down between my legs, sideways, so one my leg is right up next her A*** and my other leg is over her 2 legs.
Oh dear, this is going to need some real self control I tell myself.
The girl continues to work massaging her way up my leg, until she is right at the important end, and I am sure she is deliberately just touching, and knocking my C*** a little, in my loose fitting shorts.
Oh my god, this is going to be hard, in both senses of the word. Some real control is called for.
So then she repositions her self to do my other leg, starting at my feet, and giving me time to regain some control of the situation.
Not for long though, and she is working her way, very sexily back to the top of my legs.
I could just see the big grin on Fays face, because she knew I was going to be worked up.
Fay didn’t mind, she is also enjoying her massage, so what’s good for me, is good for her.
So 45 minutes later, we were done, and both feeling rather ,,,, well shall we just say, ‘’feeling better’’, as this is a family forum.
Fay says, we still have an hour before we need get our train, there is more we can do here.
Like what? I ask her.
She had been reading through the ‘Menu’ of services on offer.
She says, they have rooms available, by the hour, shall we get one???
Well, we were both feeling ready, so we were off like scalded cats, the hostess showed us to our room,
The room about 3 meters square, nice big bed, very luxurious inside, with a nice bathroom, with gold plate taps etc.

Well children, this is where it gets XXX so for fear of being the first thrown out the forum, I will leave you imagination.
Oh, and before any one asks, yes, this is what the rooms are for.

So an hour later, feeling very relaxed, we here a gentle knock on the door, and a Chinese girl calls out in Chinese, probably to say our hour was up.
We took a quick shower and dress.

Then bus back to train station, and train home to Weifang.

Yeah, bring on the Spa to the UK.
Very intersting indeed.... Good ending too :twisted:
:lol: :lol: :lol: That'll keep me amused all week, thanks mate! :lol:
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