Forget the front axle, what about the rear one then?


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I am in england
Mar 1, 2010
As it says, the front axle gets all the attention but thinking of overhauling my rear one as going to have to sort handbrake and new discs soon anyway, anything in particular to watch for?

Graham Stirling

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Mar 8, 2010
Caputh, Perthshire
Not a lot to worry about. The seals are incredibly expensive if you use Toyota parts. I did mine recently (full floater with a locker) and made the mistake of stripping the axle before i had it shot blasted. It took me an age to get all the sand/oil sludge out of the casing. A hot pressure washer would have done the trick but i only had a kettle and a bog brush!

Be careful with the cone washers on the hub outers. Everything else is dead simple.

The liquid gasket is also dear if you go genuine.


Jon Wildsmith

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I am in england
Feb 24, 2010
Stourbridge, West Midlands, England
you might need an impact screw driver to remove the screws from the hub lock nut. The hub lock nuts are nothing like the front and need an SST but you can make your own by cutting slots in a 54mm socket. I would remove the brake caliper, pop the half shaft out and check for play in the hub bearings. If there's no play then just put it back together :thumbup: You can't really check for play properly with either the brake caliper or half shaft still in place. Usually you get oil dribbling down the inside of a rear tyre before things start getting interesting but they are worth checking from time to time.
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Jun 19, 2010
Hi Paul,
Befroe you pull the shafts out engage the rear diff lock and leave it that way. This will prevent the fork and dog from being able to drop which makes getting the drive shaft back in a real arse....
Other than that it is very very straight forward.
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