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front bearing bolts


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Oct 11, 2017
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hi all,

newbie working on the front bearing of a 2003 built land cruiser.

after trying all sorts of pullers on the front hub last weekend i had to give up and ordered a new hub to press into the already purchased bearing, only problem now is the bolts, can someone tell me what size and thread the bolts are

Sorry, I don't know the bolt size. A thread gauge is worth its couple of quid in situations like this. It is a pain to get those bearings off but it can be done with a hydraulic puller and an angry grinder.

The puller will remove the outer part of the bearing, and I know it's tight, the bearing casing will deform from the strain. And you end up with something left on the hub like this. You could just hit the angry grinder straight away to get to this. You'd then be able to get at the bolts.


I've never had any luck getting this bit off with a puller or a press. I have bearing / gear splitters but they don't get enough purchase under the bearing. So I carefully grind away the bearing until I can crack it with a cold chisel. This is a lot of grinding and you get very close to the hub. But even if you nick the hub it doesn't stop the new bearing going on.


Having cracked the bearing you can pull it off with any old puller.

cheers for the reply, its the 4 bolts that hold the bearing assembly to the hub carrier
plan is to press the bearing and hub together and then its a quick bolt on job
instinct is telling me M10 but just need to make sure before i press the bearing to the hub!

and need to know the length of course
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perfect, couldnt even find the part number before! thanks!

any problem with a 10.9 bolt and a washer rather than a flanged bolt?

Can't think why. What's a flanged bolt if not a bolt with a washer welded to it?