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120 series

  1. Brecht

    P0045 Turbo/supercharger boost control solenoid interruption

    Hellow, A friend of mine has a problem with his D4D 120 series. It has a fault leading to the Turbo Solenoid. He replaced the part on the turbo after waiting for it for weeks. The part is working but the code is still there. He replaced the Driver, Turbo motor. Because it malfunctioned and cased...
  2. O

    Fault code p1228 fuel pump range. What to do??

    Only just bought my LC 120. 2003. Thought it would be a problem free car. But noticed when I drove it on the motorway the engine light came on after about 8miles of driving, light would turn off but would come up again on the way home, again after about 8 miles. AA came and checked, they said...
  3. H


    Hi - my first post so hi to all and thanks for any help. I have a 2005 120 series which in the last two years has developed a fault where when I stop the car on an uphill incline and idle for one to two minutes, the engine cuts out and then won't re-start, even if I get the car onto a flat...
  4. Becki Scott

    Parcel shelf

    Hi all. New LC owner here, based in Yorkshire, UK. Just got myself a 2007 LWB LC4 (KDJ120R). I’m after a parcel shelf for when the back row of seats (row 3 of 3) is removed. Does an official one exist? Anything from a different model do the job? There’s no obvious attachment points on the...
  5. D

    front bearing bolts

    hi all, newbie working on the front bearing of a 2003 built land cruiser. after trying all sorts of pullers on the front hub last weekend i had to give up and ordered a new hub to press into the already purchased bearing, only problem now is the bolts, can someone tell me what size and thread...
  6. StarCruiser

    AC 4 wire pressure switch

    looking for info on the Air Con pressure switch fitted to LC 120s. It sits on the high pressure (small metal) pipework at the front of the car and has 4 wires coming from it. Not my car so I have no knowledge whatsoever of it but i know of one that needs replacing as it's leaking. Any info on...
  7. G

    Landcruiser (Prado) 120 series, 2009, LC4 or LC5

    Hey there guys, I wanted a LC4 more than an LC5 if anyone has one for sale, must be an automatic and 2009 as its the last in the series before the newer model. If it has decent mileage that would help but I don't mind high miles if it has a reasonably good service history with it. Anyone...
  8. MZ_prado

    Looking for inspiration for a new painting

    Hi there. My LC 120 has been siting under the sun for while... It needs a new painting. Could anyone please post any sort of LC 120 paintings you would think to be nice? I don't mind combinations of more than one color/tone in different parts of the car ;) Thanks ahead. MZ_prado