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Front Stub axle Cir Clips


Well-Known Member
Sep 9, 2012
Hi, Any advice please
I am having a bit of trouble getting the cir-clips back on the drive shafts at the front of the stub axles, it feels as if the drive shaft is not coming through the steering knuckle enough, any body got any suggestions?
Are you sure the hub has gone on far enough? Are there a few threads showing past the outer hub nut?

Have you put an M8 bolt into the end of the shaft to pull it out with?

Is this on both sides or just one?
Jon, yes the hub has gone in far enough, we have threads showing after the second hub nut
No we haven't tried the M8 bolt in the end of the shaft I wondered what that whole was for, thanks chap :D
It is really close so with a bit of a pull we should be good to go :mrgreen:
Pretty sure it's M8 and not M6, one of those though. I suppose with the 100's IFS you would just reach round the back and push on the bit of drive shaft that goes into the back of the swivel instead but I'm so used to putting a bolt in the end of the shaft from 80's I do it without thinking on the 100 as well :roll: