Fuel Leak



Hi Guys,
This is not a cruiser question so please accept apologies, but you guys are a vast source of knowledge on all off road subjects!!!
Just got a Honda quad TRX250S 1985 model it's great but has a leak from the carb bowl overflow tube. I have stripped it all and it seems OK but can't see a way of adjusting the float or needle valve, the valve seals off OK but the fuel is so high it just leaks over the top of the tube? I can only think it's got the wrong needle valve in it? It's a Keihin carb.
Any ideas/ experience?
Colway AT's
Horley Surrey


Has it always leaked?
Sounds like there may be some crap in there somewhere (blow it out with an air line), otherwise as you say there may be the wrong needle in there.
Julian Voelcker
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