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Fuel starvation/vacuum


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Jun 20, 2022
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Hi all,
New to this forum and I am after some assistance, I have a 100 1hz non turbo with an issue. The vehicle starts with no issues however after a few minutes the hand primer button is sucked down and the vehicle will start to run a bit rough eventually stopping, it will not rev all the way at any time. However if I connect a jerry directly to the pump it runs and revs fine.I have checked the fuel pickup in the tanks and blown air back to the tanks in both lines, I can hear the bubbles in the tank. I have also bypassed the hand primer/filter run the vehicle without the fuel cap on and it has made no change. I have not checked the fuel vents etc
any assistance would be great,
thanks in advance


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Feb 2, 2013
Pressurize the fuel tank with your air hose and a plastic bag in place of your filler cap with your return pipe disconnected from the fuel tank until you get a diesel shower while trying to refit the return pipe yelling to have whoever is inserting the air to switch it of just as soon as you have completed the circuit .
A third person will be pumping at the filter primer as well to help things along .