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Good 4 u.
Once u have the protoype working get some nice digi-pics and web site setup.
Then SELL u're creation for Eu300 and off u go. Can even get your logo put
on etc.
Sure blacksmith guy would be happy with 100 after 1st run as all hard part
is worked out.
(not sure I'd mention liability and CE and BSE stds and that kinda mumbo
jumpo stuff :)
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Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 7:59 AM
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Hi Guys
Just a little up date on my search for a good cargo barrier that would not
need a mortgage on it. I went to a couple of engineerring shops and will be
getting a barrier made on Friday. I am getting two plates made to fit the
holes in the wheel arches to secure the third seat, then he will bolt a
hollow bar to these plates and then run it around behind the rear seat. The
second bar will go where the holes are for the handgrips on either side of
the roof. Of course I will take these hand grips down first which will
reveal the two holes used to secure them. He will then run a bar around the
top of the rear seat. He is also putting two bars from the roof to the base.
I can then attach a dog guard to this (which I already have) and have full
access from both the rear door and behind the rear seat. The cost of getting
this done is 150 euro which I think is great compared to what I have been
quoted for cargo barriers. I think the best had to be milfords in AUS, the
barrier was 365 dollars and the freight was 568 dollars to Dublin total over
800 dollars WOW. Its an idea for others to follow if they wish.
John C
92HDJ 80 1HD-T Ireland