Gaskets etc


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Apr 13, 2010
I'm normally not one for renewing gaskets or washers if they look good.

I'm currently working on the injectors and intake.

Off the to top my head I have the following: -
- 7 x gaskets on the nozzle leak pipe
- 1 x cylinder cover rubber gasket
- 6 x injector seat gaskets
- 6 x injector O rings (these are all either crimped or totally broken)
- 2 x egr valve gasket
- 2 x egr exhaust intake pipe (one at either end)

I reckon I only need to replace the injector seals and possibly the leak pipe gaskets.
Any thoughts?

Also, What about the injector pipes? Label on the timing belt cover says to replace at 140k km. I'm at 100k miles but the pipes look fine to me. Not sure if they were changed with the timing belt or not at 74k miles.

What's the reasoning behind changing the pipes? Should I do it? They look like a big ticket item in terms of cost.

Many thanks as usual.



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I am in norway
Mar 7, 2010
Oslo, Norway
The pipes are subjected to a pulsating high pressure and will fail sooner or later, normally later. Could be a real mess though.
What I've seen is that they are left alone until 300 k km (2nd timing belt) and haven't heard of any bursting.
Since you are doing most of the job anyway, why not check the cost involved. Probably more work than money (if you see what I mean).


Mar 31, 2010
they do say that they should be replaced if you undo the pipes and remove on most cars but they will be fine as long as they dont leak i would replace all the seals you listed. do the job right or do it twice :thumbup:
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