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G'day Fellow Land Cruiser Mates !


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Mar 29, 2021
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G'day, I have a 1990 80 series turbo diesel wagon I have been working on for around 5 years now, my aim is to get this beauty in A1 condition and do some touring up north, maybe the big lap one day. As I get the money more improvements are made, most recently had the rust fixed in the upper tailgate and replaced all of the heater/radiator pipes, glowplug's and a few other things. I have just bought some black duck seat covers for the old girl and have found that the covers for the front seat headrests don't fit, they are a bigger size to the rear seat headrests ( which the covers fit) and have dvd players installed inside if you open a zip. I am thinking they are not standard for my model and may have come from another model maybe a sahara, can anyone tell me what model they think these are from as I need to get back to Black duck and try to get the right size, the code on the underside of the head rest is SKU: HD90SWPCLGRY. Thanks if anyone can give me a clue.