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Glow Plug light not coming on 1HDFT


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May 19, 2022
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Hi guys, wondering if anyone can advise me. I have a 97 HDJ80 with the 1HDFT engine. Yesterday I noticed that the glow plug light didnt come on when i turned the key in the ignition, and the same story this morning. I read somewhere that this engine doesnt have glow plugs. A little confused by this. Any advice before i take it to my mechanic? Cheers.
it has a glow screen bolted onto the cross over pipe.
it pre heats the intake air.
As CG has said, it doesn't have glowplugs as such. The heater unit is fed by a relay situated beneath the driver's side (RHD) battery tray. This relay has been known to burn out. I believe there was a recall for it decades ago but I can't imagine your local Toyota dealer being interested anymore! Here's a related thread with a photo of the relay I removed....IH Relay.
The dash warning light was still operating on mine even though the relay wasn't. AFAIK the operation of the cold start heater is controlled by sensors and a timer.
By coincidence, I connected a bluetooth OBD2 dongle to my '76 (with 1VD-FTV) to display various engine data on an app on my phone. I noticed that when the dongle was connected, the glow plug light did not come on, but when I removed the dongle the glow plug light was active again. Don't know specifically why, but 100% coincident.
Was the 1HDFT late enough to have OBD2? May be relevant to later vehicles though if not.
OBD2 was released in 1996 so it's possible the last 80's built in 1997 are although it wasn't a requirement on diesels sold in the EU until 2004.