Head gasket



Hi Alan,
1KZTE's don't blow headgasket's neither do any Toyotas with laminated
steel head gaskets it will have a cracked head and you will need a new
head and a genuine headgasket is best, head bolts can be checked for
length and within spec reused. The injectors may have contributed to the
head failing as the spray patterns spread out they can help kill the
cylinder head. Welcome to the wonderful world of indirect injection
toyota's ESPECIALLY the 1KZTE.
Oh Dear, I have been thinking for a while now that just maybe, the head
gasket just might be leaking a little bit.
Well today she blew out a load of whitish/bluish smoke from the exhaust,
and after checking I found the water level disappeared.
I refilled and started the motor, only to have the pressure shoot
straight off the dial of the pressure tester...blast.
Where is the best/cheapest place to get a new gasket? Milners? Do I need
to change the headbolts at the same time?
And what are the probabilities of damage to the head itself? She being a
3.0TD 1KZ-T engine fitted to a 1993 Series II Landcruiser KZJ70.