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Headlight flasher sticking



I had once a problem with the dim/dip relays, albeit slightly different (when
switching between the high and low bream lamps, the low beam would turn off
and the high beam wold remain off).
The stalk switch is pretty robust and should not give you a problem, so I'd
start checking from the relay end.
Ther are two relays in the engine compartment (with dim/dp making on the box
cover). One is black another brown. Pry the plastic cover off the relays and
inspect the contacts. You can also gently bend the metal contact support if
it's going to help. The brown relay is two way, the black - one way. The
former - if damaged beyond repair - can be easily replaced as the pinout
pattern is repeatable throughout the Toyota range. The black one is more
tricky to find, yet I managed to get one from an early Corolla.
London UK
'92 HDJ80
Quoting Christopher Bell <[Email address removed]>:


Relays are what I thought too.
To compound the problem I've added further relief relays to my lights (existing relays drive relief ones, which connect lights direct to batteries).
I used 4x 40A relays: separate main & dipped, on each side of the truck. The main beam bulbs are 100w outer & inner, so total load shouldn't be more than about 15A on a relay, thus I don't imagine it's my new ones. I know the fusebox you mean, so I'll start poking around in there.
Christopher Bell