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heater blower fault HELP


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Jul 18, 2023
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I have a 1995 1hd ft right hand drive manual Landcruiser heater blower only works on low speed and high speed if I push speed 2 and 3 fan stays at low speed . It is a full auto air system ECU controlled can anyone help have searched the internet can find systems with a small control box with 3 relays inside but i dont have that on my car .
I have changed the heater resister didn't fix it, it's a small two wire resister not the big resister .
lower down on the heater inbetween the blower motor and ac condensor is a small unit with fins on it called a AC amplifier and a another box in front of also called a AC amplifier PART NUMER 88650-60081 .
There is a relay in the drivers kick panel that clicks when blow fan turned on and fan will not work when relay unplugged .
please help