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Hello, calling all land cruiser owners in south africa

The Go Getters

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Apr 10, 2014
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hello Members, Im Jonathan.

I live in Joburg and work throughout the country.

Im the owner of my company that suppliers events, expos, photographic adverting (magazines) and tv advertising companies with beautiful, hard to find and totally out of the ordinary items which belong to the public and general supplier.

The reason why I joined this forum, is that Im interested in your items.
Be it your Land Cruiser, classic, or every day cars, water crafts, aircrafts, caravans
locations (yes your house, office building, flat, or piece of land with a great view),
General items (your red rusted lawnmower in your garage)
animal (trained or performs tricks) and
plants (maybe you own a nursery or collect pot plants)

basically anything you can see and move...

Believe it or not, I supply all of the above, to companies requesting these unique items all the time. The items above can not be hired off the self from hiring companies, thus the above mentioned companies rely on me and my company relies on people like you.

How it works:

Send me anything you are willing to hire out. Trust me, you can make money off most of the items you have lying around.
You state the price you would like to charge, per hour or day?
Your items will be insured if valued at more that R10000 per item or group of items.
You may be present during the hire period of your items, overseeing correct handling and usage.
Your items are managed and cared for by a specialised team, who have over ten years experience in this field.

What you waiting for, send me your items today.

Contact information
083 272 2346
011 462 0248
(unfortunately my site is being upgraded at the moment, meaning its under construction) please feel free to contact me on my facebook page.
Facebook contact us: tggolinerentals
or email me at [email protected]

or reply to this message.

Thank you, looking forward to your feedback.