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  1. Martin Stojanov

    Don't watch to many movies.

    Toyota Land Cruiser Jump Crash | Don’t Watch Too Many Movies Honestly, I love stunts and adrenaline-packed action. But honestly, this was little under planned and no calculations were involved. And the idea was just very bad from the start. I have seen many action-packed off-roading videos...
  2. kraken76

    Toyota Land Cruiser 76

  3. Toyota Land Cruiser 76

    Toyota Land Cruiser 76

  4. Toyota Land Cruiser 76

    Toyota Land Cruiser 76

  5. Toyota Land Cruiser 76

    Toyota Land Cruiser 76

  6. Toyota Land Cruiser 76

    Toyota Land Cruiser 76

  7. RESCUE1623

    Hello From Laos.

    Greetings to everyone, I have a VX80 which I have made modifications to hold equipment for rescue. My history of Rescues go as far back as 1993 in Malaysia of a building collapse. my most recent rescue is the 12 boys and the asst coach trapped in a cave. My specialty is in thermal imaging and...
  8. Gandalf

    Innovative ways to use a pick up truck?

    I need your help! I'm doing a research assignment for my university looking at innovative and ingenious ways in which pick up trucks can be used other than for transport. So for example in Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico last year some people used their cars to power houses and appliances during...
  9. SoCalCruiser

    New 2017 J200 pulls to right

    Anyone else have an issue with their new Land Cruisers pulling to the right under acceleration? According to the dealer, since the new model came out with the 8 speed transmission, the car pulls to the right anytime you press on the accelerator. They tried to get me to accept this stating "it...
  10. R

    Toyota Land Cruiser FJ75 Austrailian Model

    I need some help finding some parts for my FJ75. ( Passenger side mirror & Speedometer). It is very difficult finding parts for this specific model it seems like. Can anyone help me out?
  11. S


    Hi boys, new to this! Just wondering what sort of problems people usually have with the LJ70 Bundera between 300,000 - 400,000km? Mine has just ticked over 300,000 and it'd be great to have an idea what to look out for and keep an eye on. Any advice helps. Thanks! Pete
  12. R

    LEGO Technic RC Toyota, my hobby.

    Hi guys. I am happy Toyota owner (Toyota Prado 150). But I am here not because I own Yota, but because I want to share my hobby:I love to build Toyotas. I build models from LEGO. My last models are 40-series land cruisers. 2 years ago I have also builded Prado. Now I have some models in...
  13. The Go Getters

    Hello, calling all land cruiser owners in south africa

    hello Members, Im Jonathan. I live in Joburg and work throughout the country. Im the owner of my company that suppliers events, expos, photographic adverting (magazines) and tv advertising companies with beautiful, hard to find and totally out of the ordinary items which belong to the public...
  14. Leopard

    For sale: Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon VX 4.2TD - expedition ready, 2 spares, roof rack

    I'm selling my 1991 silver Land Cruiser Amazon VX 4.2TD. The vehicle is expedition ready and has been prepared by OEM International. There are some cosmetic blemishes on the truck, but overall it's in good condition. Considering the age of the vehicle, there is very little rust on the...