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Hello LJ71G-MET


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Mar 17, 2013
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Hello - I just realised I need 20 posts to be allowed access to information on the site so just saying hello here to try and get my posts up, I was on the Landcruiser Club Ireland forum for years but it disappeared. So found this one which is great. I own LJ71G the light 70 series cruiser imported from Japan. It's a great machine but I had to take it off the road the last few years as I couldn't get insurance. It's vintage next year in 2022 so looking to get some bodywork done and prepare the engine as a daily driver in 2022. I think I have a body shop now but still waiting on prices. But if anyone can suggest a body shop that won't cut corners or try and trick me I would be very grateful. I've had terrible trouble with garages in the past who are a combination of dishonest and uncaring about their work. I've been ripped off so many times I was sort of traumatised - but I'm sticking with it in the hope I'll get the old lady back on its feet and looking good. Would be amazing if there was a members garage with advice and tools on a pay per day charge. It's very difficult to learn or find a space where you could do the work.


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Nov 21, 2018
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Hi, you're miles away so won't help with finding garage, there must be some members that are in IE and will recommend something. if you have any questions and need advice just fire away.
Seen your other post and your car it's pretty clean for a land cruiser anyway so bodywork shouldn't be a problem. Where it gets tricky is welding all the awkward places but yours seems to be in good shape.
Where most places make a mistake and rust starts coming out again is rut spots treatment. If they just sand it down and prime it WILL come out. You can ask them what will they do/use nd that should show you how good they are or if they've got a clue what they are doing.
If they say thay've got little blasting gun and they soda blast these spots and then put rust inhibitor on you're in the right place. Even if they don't and say they use rust converter still ok but if they say sand it down and prime that's no good.
Don't forget that underside is as important as bodywork on these things so do proper rust treatment.
The problem with ramp/tool hire is the liability insurance, if anything happens....
I knew few places that did offer it in south west but they seem to come and go so don't know what happens but non of them were open long.


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Apr 30, 2010
Hello Peter nice looking 70 you've got ,my favourite Landcruiser. There are a few Irish lads on here , hopefully they well see this and respond


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Oct 11, 2013
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There are 2 threads that seem to overlap here. Some responses on land cruiser Ireland thread, to help Peter/prendergast7 out.