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Hello. New LC owner. 1990 HZJ73


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Jun 19, 2023
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Hello, I am an American Airman stationed in northern Japan and recently bought a 1990 HZJ73. It’s in pretty good shape, but I will be doing a round of maintenance on it for JCI and shipping it back home when I PCS next summer.

The LC is stock. The previous owner was the Government of Japan. My plan is to keep it stock and just enjoy it.

It needs some suspension work, but I am not sure if I will tackle that here or in the States. Also, as a GoJ vehicle, it doesn’t have the roll cage or any back seatbelts which is a bummer. I will install some lap belts for sure.

There is a lot about this model that is JDM…I have a knob on the dash with a yellow Y that I have no idea what it does!

Looking forward to getting to know you guys.


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That’s going to be drooled over when you get it back home!
It will definitely be a novelty in the States. Most people dont know about diesel Toyotas because they dont import them in the US and the right hand drive will be amusing when I go through the Starbucks drive through!
Awesome! It looks fantastic.
Are you going to go off road with it, or use it around town?
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I will take it off road for sure - nothing crazy but she’ll get dirty soon! I need to refresh the suspension system before I hit the dirt.
You said you wanted it stock but you could pick up a roll cage before you leave, I'm sure you could find one at a junk yard.
Seat belts too. They also have them in European junk yards which could be shipped to the States.
Sir , I jealous of your ZX jaja beautiful machine, does it have the factory diff blockers? , send some pics from the inside .


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