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Andrew Prince Feb 24, 2010

  1. Andrew Prince

    Andrew Prince Well-Known Member

    Hello Guys (and hopefully Gals at some point soon),

    I thought I'd join the rush and introduce myself!

    Having grown up in Africa around Cruisers and all manner of other inferior 4x4s, I found myself shivering here one winter and decided to take the plunge and buy an 80 series to drive around muddy fields while trying to enjoy my other passion, shooting... The 80 duly was bought and so the addiction started :lol:

    My 80 series is still pretty much as Mr T intended it - my hands have mostly been dirtied with servicing and PM stuff. One day when I've finished analysing and researching all the options to death, I will start some modest mods of my green 80. Next on the list :roll: will be a suspension lift and maybe some tough pieces of metal at the front and rear (and sides) to replace the tatty bumpers and side steps!
    Being the proud father of 2 young girls (currently 4 and 1.5 years old), I am rather limited time-wise in going out to play in the LC or just tinkering with it. Hopefully this will change in time and I'll also have some enthusiastic passengers to join me!

    Oh and the other good news is my cruiser now has 2 new batteries and is happy to venture out into the winter once more :mrgreen:

    I look forward to seeing this forum grow and expand now!

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