Hello to all!!!


Well lads, I come for pastures greener.

Liam Woods is my name and I am the proud owner of a black 90 series SWB, 2000 model, KZJ90.

Mods on my cruiser go as far as a bull bar and thats about it at the minute but im a student in college so once I get out in the real world I hope to lift it, snorkel it and rubberise it, and then some! So im predominatly interested with fuel economy and cheap mods at the minute! Anything so that I dont have to sell it!

I have a bit of off-road experience, im an avid fly-fisher which is great for finding little roads off the beaten track and rough lanes that the landcruiser breezes round even with my michelin roadies. Its my second vehicle and my first 4x4 so I think the bench mark as been set pretty high!

Oh yeah im from Ireland, a place called Knockbridge outside of Dundalk in Co. Louth.

Hope to keep learning from this forum! and I wish it every success!

thanks lads,


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Well hello Liam. I remember you from the other forum. Fancy you making it over here. You must have been Googling. Well nice to have you along. We need a few more 90 owners. Especially shorties!