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Feb 3, 2023
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I'm Neil.
I'm now on my 3rd red Landcruiser. The original was an HJ60 from 1983, it was pretty old and tatty when I got it in about 2001 or so but it was ace and I've loved cruisers ever since.I've had Trooper, Navara but last cruiser was a 1997 24v GX 80 series. Kept that for 9 years and wished I'd never sold it. Julien at Overland breathed some new life into it with an intercooler and suspension renewal and HID headlights. It was brilliant and I regret selling. I'd love another. That was my dream car and I'll always have a thing for the 80 series.

Now I have a 2020 150 Invincible.
It's a lovely thing on the road, very relaxed and surprisingly nimble.. Never had a sunroof before, surprised how much that got used and looking forward to reacquainting myself with it come the spring. It's also got a fridge, rocking up for a birthday party with cold cocktails, was pretty nice.
Not had a chance to offload and I won't until I get the wheels and tyres sorted.It's 19" rims and that restricts tyre choice too much.
I'll be going back to 18" rims to gain options. Other than some BFG's, dirty great LED spots and an A bar to sit them on, it will remain pretty standard and maybe a chip or remap in the long run.
I just need to get straight on with cleaning and rust prevention whilst it's still fairly fresh. I live by the coast, that and the road salts can soon get a hold. Had the Invincible since October and have only done about 5 thousand miles, but I've loved the relaxed way it goes about it's business on the country roads, it can fair munch the miles on a long trip.
Makes me smile.