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Dec 29, 2023
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Hi, just signed up and pleased to be involved. I am a serial 4WD owner and general 'petrol head' having owned many Land Rovers over the years, Austin Champs and other mud machines. I have for decades hankered over an early Land Cruiser, BJ40 most desired, and think it is time to do something about that!!
Hello and welcome...

BJ40s are the best. I've had mine for 21 years. Did a lot of bodywork in the early years (on a thread on here) and over the years, and with knowledgeable friends, sorted the few electrical bits and pieces - 24volt and the original wiring loom.

As an ex LR and Champ owner you will appreciate reliability and a heater that works, etc but it could be long search although there are a lot more in the UK than there were a couple of decades ago. Worth looking at the usual sites in France, if you don't mind LHD.
Oz BJ40s are 12 volt but are RHD.

There's a few on here with 40s, so if you need help, just ask.


Thank you very much for your message Roger, much appreciated. Yes, I expect it's going to be a long haul and quite probably an import from Australia would be good but I expect is going for quite some cost for transportation and duties etc, something for me to look at though. I will also keep my mind open about the petrol option is hopefully that will widen the opportunity.

Again thank you for your message