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Help with breathers


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Dec 23, 2016
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Hello there could someone help me please need to locate the breathers for the front diff gearbox transfer box on a 01 4.2 auto vx as you can see by me picture im ok with a cabbage and a bit grumpy thanks in advance steve


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Apr 29, 2016
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My mate has a 01 J10, German Spec.
The front diff breather on his truck is sitting attached to the inner wheel well on his passenger side.

The Auto box had its breather attached to the dip stick / filler pipe right up to the fire wall.

From memory (...!) the Transfer case breather is in the same area.

On the `04 in my Avatar, the Auto & Transfer beraters are separately attached to a steel "bend" bothed to the upper top of the engine block. About where the pipes from the ABS dissapear down towards the frame...

Having seen quite a few J10, there are a fair few variations around........

Best thing is to find where the vent leaves the respective boxes & track them to the end.

On a principal note; The standard "steel" breathers on these models are very poor.... If the top does not spin, bin it. I ran the breathers separately all the way up into the snorkel & will do so on my current build as well