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Mar 2, 2023
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Hey guys, I'm Al.
Long time lurker, new member. Massively appreciate all the knowledge and banter on here. Time I jumped in, I think.
Originally from Liverpool, UK. But now live in the Bulgarian mountains.

Earlier in the year I bought a cheap old 87' LJ73 with a 2LT.
I haven't added any mods to her, but the former owner has done a 10" lift (I believe he said 10) and has put some massive Mud Tyres on it and basic modular rims. (33x12.50R15)
He also mentioned having pushed a few extra HP out of the engine, but it was all a little lost in translation as to how he'd achieved it. So any thoughts I'd love to know.
A 70 series was my teenage crush :blush: likely not make too many mods, just some restoration and maintenance. It was half bought of need of a capable off roader and after a terrible experience with a continuously braking down 2005 Grand Vitara. (I was trying to be as sensible as I could)

I've minimal 4x4/offroad experience, though I'm learning quickly as we bought a house and now live up a very deep rutted, muddy as hell half the year, clay mountain track. It's guaranteed snowy winters, then a lot of rain and non much at all for the remaining months in summer.

Thanks in advance for your patience with my stupid questions. :grin:


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Welcome ... nice 73 it looks in very good condition bodywise...
Welcome ... nice 73 it looks in very good condition bodywise...
I promise it isn’t as good as it looks.

but as a Brit. I couldn’t believe how long the rust takes to creep here, when compared to cars back home. I do miss the sea though and even the rain, at this time of year it’s dry as a bone here.