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Hi All


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Mar 18, 2010
Hi All,

After temporarily dropping out of the LC scene for several weeks I wandered back to find that the world had changed. I see there are quite a few old friends here - good to see you again - and new ones - looking forward to met you.

For those who don't know me, I have a 1997 3.0TD LWB Colorado. Its got a few mods: BFG AT 265/75/16's, OME suspension, snorkel, leisure battery with split charge system and storage system.

I enjoy greenlaning and the occassional visit to pay and play sites. I am also keen on overlanding and camping trips. I have been to Morocco and have plans for other trips.
Hey Reinhard, good to have you (back) on board :)
Hi Reinhard. Good to have your company again.

Hi Jimbo,

Its good to be back. I haven't been offroading since we met at Ponderosa in December, although I did play on the snow covered hardtop in the Yorkshire Dales - good fun.
Hi Chris,

Thanks. Good to hear from you - and good to see that you are mobile again. How have you got on with the front diff lock?
Hi Reinhard, glad you could join us in our new home :D
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Hi Reinhard,

Welcome back, will you be joining us at Lincomb and re-shape our steps again :lol: :lol:

Hello Reinhard

Glad you made it over.

Did you / are you going anywhere this year then?
Thanks for the welcome everyone. Looks like a great place with a friendly crowd.

Yes, I will try to make it to Lincomb. I am hoping to reshape my steps the opposite way - then they should appear to be straight :lol: I was hoping to replace the steps with a set of sliders but unfortunately that project never left the drawing board :(

The other thing that didn't happen was my trip to Morocco - Mauritania - Mali :( Maybe later in the year :D.