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Hi and happy new year from the Uk!


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Jan 2, 2024
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Hi all,

My names Steven and i've been hunting for a 2009 lc120 for about 6 months..

I've wanted one for years and used to own an intercooled hilux surf which was the nuts. I used it for camping and offroading but not to the extent where I ruined my carpets and got dents in every panel.

I plan to use my LC for trips around the uk and europe.
Hi Karl, I am after a 2009 due to updates on the pistons, safety, the hope it would be less rusty and to get one in the lower tax bracket. I would also consider a 2006 or a 90 series d4d but Im pretty set on the 2009.
Good luck in your search

Personally I wouldn't get hung up on piston updates; just try and find one where the injector seats havent leaked, the engine hasnt been 'tuned' and it hasnt been thrashed towing.

Yes theyre been problems with cracked pistons, but its rare and usually where the maintenance hasnt been carried out or a tuning box has been fitted to turn a truck into a racing car :)
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It makes sense, but if you limit the search too much you'll be looking forever and might not find one.

When I was looking for mine, I didn't care what year it was (within reason), what colour it was, if it was manual or auto or if it was an LC3/4/5 - just finding a decent one that isnt rotten and has been maintained is hard enough! And probably even worse now, because they're all older!