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Hi from Dublin, Ireland.


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Jun 3, 2024
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Name: Barry
Model: 1981 BJ40 bought new by my father Inlaw. One owner.
Mods: None until this year. Complete Resto carried out 2017. This year decided to take the plunge and install electric power steering and rear disc brakes.
Plans: Roof rack, period correct stereo and speakers.
Sounds great Barry. I’m guessing it already had front disc brakes.
Perhaps a turbo one day?
Hi Barry and welcome....

One owner! Wow!
With your '81 BJ having front discs already, it sounds like it is a 'European' spec model so will have the extra number in the VIN - '81 was a 9 and the last year they made this specification. If memory serves Mr T only made 4997 'European' spec BJs.

Love to see some photos, when you can.


Hi Barry and welcome we have to have photos and lots of them love the old 40s all the best Tony
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Thanks for all the kind words guys. @Ben Stratford & @Rodger Yep, and I'll get some pics up before the Weekend @Tonytoyota2

@thelal Nice one. We relocate to Enniscrone every summer and a couple of the Classic's come with us. Plan to camp and surf in Achill and a few other places with the eldest fella this summer. Join us if you're about?
sure - just gives us a heads -up . Best via email of phone