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Hi new member and seeking advice on what to look out for on a toyota land cruiser colorado prado 3.0 d4d 2002 model


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Feb 2, 2013
test driving the prado,this is my first time driving one..i like the drive very much,the sheer simplicity of them is what i like.

That says it all for me , in my view these are one of the last proper 4x4's you can get because they ain't supposed to be limousines but rather tough enough to keep on going in even the worst condition .

I been on this forum maybe 7 years and i'm struggling to remember a d4d 90 that failed to get the driver home , bust lower front ball joints is about the sum of it and thats due to age more than anything else .

My transfer box is years overdue an overhaul but i have absolutely no fear of it suddenly failing so if thats the cause of a shunt you can live with i don't suppose it matters . Most of us choose to change all the drivetrain bushes because we want to rather than because we have to , its a long term investment as we have no intention of ever selling the truck .

Sounds like your viewing one owned by an enthusiast with that kind of thinking , someone who chose to make a project of ensuring it lasts another 20 years . Had he done none of it like as not it would have soldiered on another 10 years with little more than oil changes and brake pads .

So there you go , i cant see or drive the truck so its your choice . In normal circumstances i might ask why the seller invested so much time and effort only to sell it on at a loss but this lockdown has an awful lot of people re-evaluating their financial commitments :violin: