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Hi one and all can sum one help is it a big job to put a 80 series engine and gearbox in a hj47 landcruiser wot will I have to have parts for the job


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Oct 21, 2022
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Hi it's just a idea at the moment so wot r your thoughts on it is it a good idea thanks for your help all the best Tony
Can't see why it wouldn't work well. Would make it full time 4 wheel drive too. Don't know if that's a good or a bad thing in an old 40 series. I'd imagine breaks might need upgrading too. I'd say Iwan would be the best man to talk to about it mate. Can't see why it couldn't be done especially if you went for a manual gearbox.
Hi Tony,

My initial reaction is remembering the words of my buddy who has done a load of transplants with Toyotas, including mine, who transplanted an 80 series engine & boxes in to a troopy chassis. He said he'd never do it again and from what I can remember it was the incorporation of all the electrics and bits to make it work and it all had to come from the same donor so that the components would continue to talk to each other. Also I think the 80 series is wider and the engine mounts were a problem. Subsequently, he's done more 1HZs(?) changes but, I think, changes the fuel pump for mechanical.
A guy I know down here swopped a 90 series 4 pot diesel into a 70 series and also changed the fuel system to mechanical and it works perfectly.
Some years ago there was a guy on here putting 80 series mechanicals into a 40 and, if I remember correctly, he was having to widen the chassis but that might be worth doing a search on here in the 40 forum.

Trust you're well

On the 80 into a troopy he used the axles as well.
Hi Gav and Rodger all well hope you're all well thanks for that a ĺot to think about was going with the 12HT but he stopped talking to me so I will have to look in to it a lot all the best Tony.
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Hi Andy r you 2 OK thanks for that all the best Tony.

Yes mate all good. I thought you were going to put the 1KZ in the 47?

There's plenty to look at on this forum, I only look at it out of passing interest.

I bet there's plenty of content on Youtube.