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Hi to all you fellow LCO out there.


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Nov 1, 2022
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Quick Intro.

Mr G based in South Yorkshire UK, owner of my 3rd LC, 1st being a 81 4ltr HJ60, second an 88 2.4td LJ70 swb and now an 01 3ltr colorado 5dr and what a machine living upto Toyota LC expectations ...
I came across this site when I was browsing for an oil seal hub kit, and found a very finteresting thread, cut a long story short, I have had a reply back from Milner 4x4 stating the 'O' ring ID is 79mm, and yes, I've a slight weep of oil on disc back plate... Ive already fitted an LUK 260mm kit and one I wouldnt recommend for the faint hearted.
So I'm getting to know my cruiser, I'm also looking at front suspension adjustments too with a possibility of giving bigger clearances.... But need to see a few non standard 95s if ya have em...


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I've just recently purchased these 80s alloys with Cooper AT3s on em, and by the feel they're better in every way to the previous BFs, BFs are good and had them on me LJ70 and 90 land-rover, but the coopers are low in road noise which is a bonus, and yes, I've had 4 landies and an ol 79 V8 Rangie, best thing about that was the sound of the V8, non of them are in the same league as the LC.. Anyway I'm also looking for a spare 80 alloy to go with the 4 that's on it, I have the full set of original 3 spoke alloys for the colorado which doesn't float my boat in looks but hey can't be a chooser....
It's standard ish apart from wheels a few LED bulbs & front Tow bar... Standard VS non standard.


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Now then, Mr G. A very warm welcome from the capital of the people's republic. Sheffield S6 if you're in the vicinity.
It so happens J100 my location is sheff & not far from NGH...
Greetings and welcome from S25. Good to see you're a Collie owner, D4D I assume? I had one and loved it. My present one is a V6.

BTW they are not standard 80 alloys.
Hi Andy yes mate it's the D4D, & interesting you mention about the wheels, the chap who sold them had a lifted 80, but if you know what model of vehicle they're off this would help me locate one....
Good to see another steel city mbr here...
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Yesterday 5/11... I spent most of the day working/swapping out wheel nuts, spacers, seals and 'O' rings...
That is.
1. Replaced NSR Oil seal/O ring (supplied by Milners) on rear diff, with success, only thing I was scratching my head over was how the handbrake assembly back plate came away from the hub... I also had an issue with a slight brake bind on the NSF, which turned out to be a sticking piston (1 of 4)... Fitted my newly purchased 30mm H+R wheel spacers on front to find the tyres caught the rear arch body on semi lock, so now leaving them till I lift the suspension....
So a good productive day to be had, and boy are those wheels heavy...
but if you know what model of vehicle they're off

Unfortunately these are aftermarket wheels and finding another single wheel of that design with the correct dimensions and offset may be this weeks challenge. What size tyres do you have? I fitted 80 series wheels to my D4D with 275/70/16 BFG AT KO2's which worked fine and didn't catch ( with a 2" lift). On my present Collie I have some aftermarket wheels which have a slightly different offset to the standard 80 wheels with the same 275 BFG's and they don't catch with the standard suspension.
I wouldn't worry in the short term, your existing spare will get you home even if its slightly different in size.
I'm on 265/75/16s which I know isnt standard, the 75 gives a little lift compared to the standard 70s, and yes, i can see this being a challenge finding an alloy identical to the ones I have.
Hi Gary

Finding this while browsing the web is the bugger that got me started on the slippery slope of modification