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May 28, 2023
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Hi! Joined today, I've recently bought a LC 150 (2013 and just 50k miles) and love it. I'm very unfamiliar with this beast and I'm keen to learn, it's a very different vehicle to my previous daily, a Porsche Cayman, which I'm keeping, but semi-retiring. I've encountered a problem today, amber warning lights on the dash. The 4LO light is flickering, even though the low range switch is set to high range, and the Slip Indicator (Traction Control?) light is on permanently. I have a fault code reader but I don't even know where the OBD socket is, or even if it has the same type as a European car? Help would very much be appreciated. Thanks.
On a 120 the socket is under the steering wheel to the right. Assume the 150 is similar...

Welcome by the way!
Thanks, I'll have a look tomorrow, I looked earlier but couldn't see it. The car is booked into Toyota as when I bought it the first thing I did was book her in for a full service and cam-belt change and that entitled me to a 12 month warranty, so hopefully it's covered for what ever they find.
Let us know the codes when you find them - someone here is bound to know what's going on - even if you have Toyota fix it, it pays to be an informed customer! :)
Thanks, and I will. I like to learn about my vehicles and do what maintenance I can myself. I've got to know my Cayman very well over the last 10 years and intend to do the same with my LC. BTW my name is Karl too.:thumbup:
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I finally found the OBD2 socket today, was under my nose all the time. Its below the steering wheel but its got a small black switch plugged into it, which is in the ON position...any ideas what that is for?
I pulled the switch out and plugged in my code reader and got the code P0203, checked on line and it says "Injector Circuit Malfunction-Cylinder 3".
Not long ago the car started making a strange and quite loud fluttering sound, which would descend in volume when I took my foot off the accelerator.
I took it to Toyota and they inspected it and said the air-box was loose, which I was sceptical about. My LC still made the noise, but it was now quieter and less pronounced,
so I think they did something, just not convinced it was the air-box.
Does anyone have experience of this fault and offer any advice please?
My LC is booked into Toyota as I have a warranty with them, just hope it's covered if it requires a new injector.
I've heard of the air boxes rattling before. If I was you I'd clear the code drive it and see if it comes back. Have you got a check engine light?

Wonder what was plugged into the obd - got any pics?
I'll post a pic of the black switch that's plugged into the OBD tomorrow.
Yes the amber check engine light is on, along with the 4LO (flickering) and the traction control light.
We started the car on Monday and no lights came on so we took it for a fairly long drive (100 miles+) and everything seemed fine until we were 20 minutes from home and the three lights came back on and the engine power seemed a bit flat.
Moved the car this morning and the three lights were still on, but I did clear the codes when I found the OBD socket, so we might take it for drive tomorrow.
Sounds like it does have a problem then, I was wondering if it might have been an old fault.

As well as the injector, it could be the wiring - clean the contacts and make sure the plug is pushed onto the injector properly.
Put the black box back in and see what happens might be worth a shot it could be one of those blue tooth fault codes readers did you buy it from a Toyota dealer or dealer or privately could have a chat with them maybe they can help you
I have had the LC for about 5 months now and it's been faultless up till now. I bought it from an independent garage near Wigan but I had a full service/new cam belt fitted straight away at my local Toyota dealer, they inspected the car too as they were giving me a 12 month warranty and they said the car had no faults and was in excellent condition.
I have put the little black switch back in and switched it off and on but it doesn't seem to have any effect on anything, I'll ask Toyota when it goes in.
I'm going to remove the plastic engine cover and check the wiring/connectors and see if I can see anything untoward.
The earliest I could book the car in is the 8th June so until then I'll just have to keep looking.
Thanks for your interest and I'll keep you updated.
The photo above is the switch that is plugged into my OBD socket...any ideas why? Looked at the car today and couldn't see any obvious reason for the dash lights, but I didn't have much time so I'll try again tomorrow.
I don't know, it disappears up into the dash, difficult to follow, I'll try and have another look today.
It's not standard though, so hopefully the wire won't be too difficult to trace. The answer lies at the end of that wire :)
I think I'll unplug it and drive it and see if the dash lights stay off, don't think it'll make a difference but it's worth a try.