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You never know. I had lights, 6 gararages couldn't fix it, Toyota (mis) diagnosed it as the ECU. In the end it was dodgy parking sensors.
I wouldn't think common in a 'Cruiser, but it could be an OFT (Openflash Tuner) jump lead to the OBD2 port with an isolator switch, that allows the computer to be flashed (for other tunes and/or more power). The other end of the cable would be tucked somewhere (as the OFT (if that is what this setup is for) is obviously not attached anymore).
Thanks, I've never even heard of that before, when I take it to Toyota on Thursday I'll ask them to investigate and see what they think it is. I'm not driving it at the moment as it's running rough.
They'll probably blame that box and bill you for a new engine.

Sorry we dont all have great faith in dealerships on here
You're probably right, but I've got a warranty with them so I can but try. Do you think maybe I should unplug it and zip-tie it up behind the dash were it can't be seen?
Think Toyota dealerships are are bad? I could tell you a true story about our local (Chester) Mercedes dealer and our E-Class and I doubt you would believe me.
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I think I'd leave it in and see if they can tell you what is, if the wire is too awkward to trace yourself. If it's a tuning box or something be aware it might void your warranty!

Tbh I think dealers are 50/50 there's been a few threads on here about it - just luck of the draw for the most part. Most dealers don't want to deal with our old trucks though really, and most of the expertise with these vehicles has already left the dealers.

The apprentice mechanics overalls might have a Toyota badge but that doesn't mean he's ever worked on an LC before...
We would believe your true story !

As Karl said, if it's something to do with a tuning box, expect blank looks or it's not standard, nothing to do with us,/warranty, even though it was there when you bought it.
If it's something to do with a tuning box, with the switch it looks like it is all or nothing for power, rather than a dial in to suit sensible power/economy.
I hope this is not the cause of the rough running - good luck !
Sorry for the late reply, had other issues.
Well, we were heading out, in the E-Class, one winter evening 4 years ago to visit a relative and I was doing about 70 on a dual carriageway. As I crested a rise in the road I ran over something substantial lying on the road, which I didn't see till it was too late. I think it was a steel foot from the prop-leg of an articulated lorry, but can't be certain. The result was two badly buckled N/S alloys, ruined tyres (although to be fair the run flats didn't fail catastrophically and probably saved us from a very serious accident).
A phone call to the insurance for the claim, who wanted me to use their approved repairer, but I insisted on going to Mercedes Benz, because I thought they would be the best, how wrong can you be?
Two new rims were ordered, a 19"x 8.5" for the 245/40 front tyre and a 19"x 9.5" for the 275/35 rear tyre. Unfortunately for us the idiot tasked with fitting the new tyres to the rims stretched the 275 tyre on the narrow 8.5" rim and the 245 tyre on the 9.5" rim. They tracked the car as well, which must have given an interesting set up.
Upon driving the car I new it wasn't right, the handling was terrible and small bumps and potholes would unsettle the car and send the rear into a hop.
I contacted M-B and asked them to take another look, I was convinced they must have missed some more damage like a bent suspension link or damper, but said no, nothing wrong. The car went into the engine workshop for a service, during which the mechanic videos some points about the car, a buckled front N/S wheel was one issue pointed out, and uneven tyre wear was another. Again I pointed out that there must be something wrong from the original accident that had been missed, but no, they said everything was okay, probably just tracking. By this time I felt like I was banging my head against the wall.
As we had the car serviced at M-B we received a free first MOT, which we subsequently received, this again pointed out the buckled front N/S wheel, and very uneven tyre wear, but they said it was probably just the tracking out.
Yes, I could kick myself now for not noticing the mistake they made, can't believe I didn't get my hands dirty and investigate.

Skip forward a few weeks and we went out late on a Sunday afternoon in the E-Class, I immediately noticed a loud ticking sound, we had picked up a large bolt in the middle of the front N/S tyre, but the tyre was still at pressure and drivable, slowly. A phone call to Kwik-Fit, they would stay open for us and repair/replace the tyre. Upon arrival the young tyre fitter immediately asked; Why have we got the wrong size tyres fitted to the front and rear of the car?

Suddenly everything fell into place, and steam started coming out of my ears.

Long story short, I wiped the floor with them, M-B Cheshire Oaks put the entire blame on their body shop, which is VW Inchcape on Sealand Road, Chester.

We had 2x new alloys, 4x new tyres, and subsequent tracking problems revealed the suspension/wheel carrier was damaged, and all replaced.
I don't know how much this debacle cost them but it was thousands.

Anyway the LC has been diagnosed at Toyota and it is the fuel injector on cylinder 3, Error code P0203, it gets replaced soon under warranty, so I'll keep you posted on progress.

I removed the strange black plug from the OBD socket and hid it up in the dash. I noticed it has a label on it, saying something about ON for auxiliary equipment, not sure what that's about but I'm leaving well alone for now, using my spare car till the LC is fixed.

Thanks for all the help/suggestions.
Wow.... What a story! Shame on MB. I fell out with MB Liverpool - not because of their work (I don't let them do any) but because (despite being a customer for 20+ years) they wouldn't lend me a locking wheel nut key for 30 seconds when I was in trouble. I use MB Warrington for parts etc now (also for an E class!)

Good that the LC has been diagnosed. These injectors aren't lasting long are they - what mileage are you on I don't remember. I think you've got one of the last 1kd engines.. hopefully it will get sorted soon - please keep us updated!
My LC has 57,000 miles on it, and I know the injectors can fail, I watch Fourby4Diesel on YouTube. Sort of hoping the other three fail before the warranty ends.
We don't use the main dealer anymore, the sales man even tried to rip us off when we bought the car, they're sharks and tell you barefaced lies.
We use a MB Motors, Mercedes specialist on Bumpers Lane Chester, so far so good.
I've joined a Land Cruiser forum and I've talked more about Mercedes than Toyota! How did that happen?
To be honest I don't think it's very common for the injectors to fail at such a low mileage on a 1kd unless the seats have been leaking?... Other members will be able to give their view on that!

Has Toyota actually done any work on the car to diagnose it, or just read the p203 code and said bad injector 3?
Welcome, good story with the MB dealer. :)
Nice cruiser btw. Did the Toyota dealer give you a 12 month warranty covering the entire vehicle just because you booked a service with them? And now they're going to cover the injector under it?
Hi MisterCruiser,
there was more to the M-B story but I wanted to keep it as brief as possible, they had a farcical level of service and added incompetence to incompetence.
They sent us out of their workshops multiple times in a dangerous and unroadworthy car.

Yes, if your Toyota has less than 100,000 miles and less than 10 years old you get a complimentary and comprehensive 12 month warranty, the details are on the website.
I think I paid about £670 for a full service including brake fluid change, gearbox/diff oil change and a new cam belt which I thought was decent value, even more so now as it'll cover the replacement of the injector.

I don't think the seats are leaking, theres no evidence of leaking just a misfire/rough running/loss of power. I actually spoke to the tech, before and after (that would never happen at Mercedes or Porsche) and he said he would be fitting a new injector.

The only fly in the ointment is I have to wait till the end of the month as they want one particular tech to do the work, which I don't mind, obviously I want it doing right by the most experienced technician.

Thanks, have a beautiful and safe day!
I know its been a while but just a quick update on the fuel injector problem I had with my LC.
I had to wait 3 weeks for my workshop appointment, dropped the car off and they gave me a hybrid Yaris courtesy car, which I thought was a brilliant little car.
They ordered the wrong injector, so that put the repair back day.
Got the car back, free of charge of course, under warranty. It's running well now but when I booked it in I asked them to investigate the strange fluttering sound it makes on the over-run, they didn't even mention it and I forgot to ask, so it's still doing it, but not very often.

They left dried coolant spattered over the engine bay, a large dirty rag down by one the batteries and didn't reconnect a clip to hold 2 pipes I position and prevent them flapping around and abrading.
Bit disappointed, expected better. I've expressed my dissatisfaction on the customer satisfaction survey and they've tried to contact me but I missed the call, I'll have to get back to them and let you know the outcome.

The black plug in the OBD I pulled out and tucked up under the dash turned out to be connected to my dash cam, not sure what the connection does but the camera doesn't work if it isn't plugged in, so I guess it provides power to the dash-cam.
Did they give any details of the work - did they put a new injector in cyl 3?

Thanks for the update and well done finding out about the dash cam connector!
No, that’s something else I’m not happy about, no paperwork for it, although they said it’s on the digital record. I’m confident they have put a new one in as it runs much better, although I know they have reconditioned ones, hopefully they didn’t fit one of them.