HJ60 For Sale




I been lurking on ELCO since looking for a 60 series last year. I brought one last summer.

I brought it to use the engine and gearbox for a "project". The project never got done - it was too ambitous for my abilities!

So my HJ60 is now for sale. I thought I would try it here before working out how to use Ebay!

1985 HJ60=2C 4lt non-turbo diesel engine=2C MoT - July 2010=2C Tax - Nov. 2009=2C 150=2C000 miles.

Only needed a power steering belt and handbrake freeing for the MoT. Chassis is solid=2C body rusty in all the usual places for a 25 year old Landcruiser - wheelarches=2C drivers door skin. Colour is faded Blue! One new battery and a good quality Pioneer CD Player. Plenty of tread on tyres.

It was SORN for last year=2C I now have been driving it for this summer with no problems.

Now the price - I have been checking what they go for on ebay for the last year. Spares and repair ones go for =A3500 to =A3600=2C good ones go for =A31500 to =A32500. Mine is good mechanically with a long MoT but slightly tatty body - so I reckon =A3975.

I can email photos to interested people.

I am near Ipswich=2C Suffolk=2C UK.

Steve Hawksley
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