HOFS Cruiser

Hi, my name is Jez, Im one of the House of Flying Spanners and I've just bought a 1990 HDJ80, UK spec VX with manual gearbox and a 4.2 turbo diesel

when bought it had already been "modified" by the previous owner and had a side exit exhaust that only the mechanical version of Jack the Ripper could love, none of the windows worked and the heater was stuck on "Hades" setting


meh, it was cheap and most importantly the drive train appeared healthy

so back home to the lab she went and in for a wee bit of a tidy up, initially the plans were for a respray and some minor work but as usual the plan went out the window and we started making bits

got bored one evening and gave it a 50mm body lift.... which of course meant stretching the steering column, relocating the rad so the viscous fan is still doing its good work and remaking the bulkhead passthrough for the steering column


I got fed up with carrying overweight Australian scrap many many years ago, so we made this, it weighs 16.5kgs including the HIDs that are built into it

3 weeks of hard work and the cruiser looks like this at the mo;


lots left to do (Im a big fan of Russian style TLCs);

Stuff still to make
front to rear 3" mandrell bent stainless exhaust
160 litre under boot diesel tank
60 litre tank (for where one of the silencers used to live)
Ally/steel rear bumper with wheel carrier
boot storage
tint the windows and limo black the boot and boot sliding windows
onboard air, welding plant, 240V AC etc etc

We trundle backwards and forwards to Russia, Finland, the CIS countries and Ukraine for our 4x4 Racing obsession so the cruiser has to be a jack of all trades; a general Safari car/tow truck/family car/overlander kinda affair

Hope you like :?:


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you might get an old Synchrowave to do it, they have selectable input to suit various US mains configurations but the cabling required is going to be monster!

the alternative is a Ready welder, 3 car batteries will get you there :cool: we use them out in the woods to glue all sorts of stuff together

Jon Wildsmith

Super Moderator
I am in england
Feb 24, 2010
Stourbridge, West Midlands, England
The Ready Welder looks very interesting but I want a tig so I can learn tig welding as much as wanting to weld aluminium. It's just something I'd like to be able to do, that's all. I'll settle for a lower power machine till it gets in my way :) Thanks for your input.

Gary Stockton

Super Moderator
I am in zimbabwe
Sep 10, 2012
Jon Wildsmith said:
I'll settle for a lower power machine till it gets in my way
Don't think that will take too long then ... ;)

I'm sure you can find some investors here if it means a place in the Wildsmith Bespoke Components queue :lol: :lol: :dance: :dance: :pray:


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I am in uk
Feb 25, 2010
Goffs Oak
dollythelw said:
Thanks guys, the grill is a bit of a throwback to our race trucks and good for confusing/annoying people - Im just waiting for the green oval sticker that says "Land Cruiser" to turn up from one of the fellas up the road :cool:


What's that based on? Very nice indeed!



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Apr 27, 2010
well you managed to get it yellowed pretty quickly!

looks good. its a good early 90's miami colour, especially if you hit the detailing with black.


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I am in great_britain
Feb 24, 2010
springs, gauteng
Some nice looking toys there.

Is the grill from a RR / Disco the only thing that lasts on a landRover??
"Right fellas, we have a RR Sport grill. What chassis can we attach to it?" :lol:
that makes sense Jon - Ive got a Miller Aerowave that cost me quite a few organs that apparently the medical profession view as "essential" although the plumbing section at B&Q seems to be holding up at the mo, if you want to get your hand in my suggestion is college or a cheap scratch start DC plant (can adapt most migs or old arc plants) I can get most people to lay a bead down in an hour from a standing start if you're passing the lab?

And there I was thinking how slow we were Callum :shock: , I think we're getting old but it was nice to be able to take a bit of time for a change. Im looking forward to the whole "a bit here and bit there" build schedule instead of 22 hours a day until its done, when I get some more stainless in I will sort a snorkal and the fuel tanks

Tony - the one at the top is a Series Landrover cab and about 1.8m of chassis, all very heavily violated, running an Isuzu 2.8 turbo diesel, R380 gearbox, Volvo portals, double beadlocks, 39.5x18 boggers, high speed hydro winches - it was called "Petal" and competed in the Baltic trophy raids in Prototype class. the one underneath is "Mouse", space frame, 450hp 5.7 litre V8, TKO transmission, volvo portals, 4 speed hydro winches etc etc fast as.. errr.. a fast thing off a shovel,

theres a build vid HERE

Everything scratch built by a squad of nutters in a little barn in Hampshire ;)

holiday snaps if you're interested;



Sad to say but theres not much on any standard 4x4 that will live with proto racing Crispin hence having to build it all, having said that the Transferbox on a Landy is almost godlike in its ability to take a kicking and keep on working :cool:


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