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How to fit rear suspension pipes


Jun 18, 2016
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Hi all
I’m on holiday and my rear suspension pipe has burst
I’ve sourced fluid and both rear pipes for my rear Active Height Control
Here is the big ….but the garage where it’s been for over a week has now looked more closer and say they can’t tackle the job
Has anyone any short cuts to do this job ?
Cheers all I’m pulling my hair out
An update for anyone who might be interested
The garage which first diagnosed the fault as a leak on the off side rear suspension pipework.
Well as I was on holiday in Cornwall at the so I hired a car for 3 weeks. Eventually got the car recovered home. Contacted about 5 garages either on reccomendations or they'd worked on the Amazon before. All said they weren't taking on any big jobs and to look elsewhere. Last guy on my list 3 days ago in CLAYCROSS Derbyshire. Took a look and asked me to put some AHC fluid in the reservoir. I put 1/2 a litre in as the original garage had done. But this was insufficient for the pump to start up, I believe. I filled the reservoir and run the system. It took 4.5 litres Which is the correct amount . The suspension rose and and lowered at the press of a button with no apparent leaks. I've monitored it over the last few days and the reservoir is still at the same level.
Any ideas how it could be losing a very small amount over a long period? As this is the only explanation I can see.
If it leaked on the high pressure side it would emptyoin seconds. So I assume there must be a minimal leak on the low pressure side
Any ideas ?
I purchased two new Toyota rear sets of pipes which are now hanging in my garage and I hope never to use.
I'll be calling into the garage in Cornwall in March to let them know they are a shower of w.....s and cost me over £1000 in their misdiagnosis!!

Cheers all
If it's not a pipe or fitting, it could be a leaking shock. They can start leaking when the pressure gets too high, typically when loading the car for an expedition. There are several cases of shock leaks that have disappeared after getting the ahc pressure within specs.
I had a leaking shock for maanyy years, even with pressures within specs. Had to top up a cup of fluid per year. Before MOT I would just clean the lower shock and spray Fluid FIlm here and there. Finally tackled the shock last autumn, before MOT. Took several days of pondering and tinkering to get it changed. All that rust!
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